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Short films about ways marine protected areas help sustain communities and protect marine life

North America's Marine Protected Areas

An introduction to the diverse benefits of marine protected areas and the importance of international cooperation to protect North America’s shared oceans.

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  • Protecting marine life

    North America’s marine protected areas support an incredible variety of marine life and help restore fisheries. [Download]

  • Discovering the ocean’s secrets

    Marine protected areas are living laboratories for scientists to learn about our oceans, so we can all make better decisions about their—and our—future. [Download]

  • Connecting us to nature

    Marine protected areas offer beautiful and unique places to explore and enjoy the natural world. [Download]

  • Sustaining communities

    Marine protected areas help sustain North America’s economy and its coastal communities. [Download]

North America's marine protected areas form networks of remarkable places along the coasts of Canada, the United States and Mexico that protect our continent's incredible variety of marine life and help sustain our communities.

This series of films was produced through a unique collaboration of marine protected area agencies and aquarium learning centers in the three countries of North America. The videos illuminate the vital role these areas play in sustaining communities that depend on marine resources, providing exciting recreational experiences, enhancing our scientific understanding, and helping to conserve habitat, restore fisheries and protect species.

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