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Taking Stock Online: North American industrial pollution

A Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) provides annual data on the amounts of pollutants released from a facility to the air, water and land and injected underground, as well as transferred off-site for recycling, treatment or disposal. The CEC’s North American PRTR (NAPRTR) project promotes public access to PRTR data to improve understanding of the sources and management of pollutants of common concern. The NAPRTR project compiles and disseminates data reported by facilities to the three national PRTRs. The data used in Taking Stock are obtained from Canada’s National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) Mexico's Registro de Emisiones y Transferencia de Contaminantes (RETC), and the UnitedStates' Toxics Release Inventory (TRI). Efforts are focused on adding value to the data through their integration, analysis and dissemination. Taking Stock Online is a portal for users to explore North American PRTR data through several interactive tools, or through comprehensive reports.


Query industrial facility data by year, location, pollutant, sector, or type of release or transfer. 

View international transfers of PRTR substances.

Create your own charts and graphs of NAPRTR data.

Try the enhanced features of Taking Stock Online, the integrated, North American PRTR Database: The Taking Stock Online tools allow you to explore information on pollution from industrial facilities across North America. Create summary charts, customized queries and download your results in a variety of formats, including kml files for viewing in Google Earth and Google Maps.

We strongly recommend users visit Using and Understanding Taking Stock prior to viewing these tools to become aware of key differences in reporting requirements for the three registers.


In our last report, Taking Stock, Vol. 13 (published in April 2011), we analyzed data for 2006, the most recent available data from the three countries at the time of writing. The report features an analysis on pollutant releases to surface waters. Since then, the North American PRTR programs have achieved comparable data publication schedules and the CEC has thus integrated four additional years of data, through 2010.

Click here to access a brief summary of 2009 data, along with some observations about changes in reporting since 2006. Additional data up to and including 2010 and analyses of reporting changes over time will be provided in the full Taking Stock report to be published later this year.


Exploring North American Industrial Pollution Data through Taking Stock Online